7 Things You Need to Know About How to Organise an Engagement Party

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Things You Need to Know About How to Organise an Engagement Party

So you’ve finally decided to take the next step in your relationship and are getting married. Congratulations! This is great news and we are so happy for you and your partner. This is the start of a new and exciting time of your lives and it’s time to celebrate! Have you started thinking about what you are going to do at your engagement party?
At Night Magazine we love all kinds of parties, especially those designed to celebrate love! That’s why today we want to tell you 7 things you need to know about how to organise an engagement party!

What is an engagement party?

An engagement party is an event where a couple announces that they have decided to marry one another and turn their relationship into a lifetime commitment. It’s also a way of introducing both families and letting friends know about the great news.
While an engagement party is not necessary, many couples love the idea of having a smaller party as an “appetiser” for the next, bigger event that will be the wedding, especially if they have a long engagement.

When should you throw an engagement party?

We know, we know! You’re so excited about your engagement that you would love to throw the party right now! However, it’s best if you just hold on for a second – wouldn’t you like to have some time to prepare this party and make it as beautiful as possible?
Engagement parties are usually thrown within the first three months of engagement. This being said, no one says you can’t go celebrate right now with your family or closest friends to let them know the fantastic news in a super casual way.

Things You Need to Know About How to Organise an Engagement Party - Dinner
Who should throw the engagement party?

Traditionally, it has always been the bride’s parents who host an engagement party, but nowadays it’s perfectly fine to throw your own engagement party – or have one thrown by your friends. Plus, it’s pretty common to have a couple of engagement parties, one with the family and another one with friends, so different people could host the different parties.

Where can I organise an engagement party?

There are more options for the place where you will hold your engagement party, beyond the most common choices as a restaurant or your own home.
Just think of what’s going to be the formality of the event: is it going to be a very formal occasion? Then look into a country club or hotel venue. For something more casual, choose your garden or even a pub, where you won’t have to take care of food or drinks (just like McGowans, which offers private venue hire in Dublin for engagement parties).
Whatever the case, try to balance the formality of the engagement party with the wedding party to not upstage the main event.

Who should be invited to my engagement party?

Of course, you can invite whoever you want to your engagement party, but there is something you have to bear in mind and is that every person you invite to the engagement party will have to be invited to your wedding too. It will be easier to keep your engagement party guest list smaller than your wedding guest list, so remember to invite every single person who was invited to the engagement party to the big event!


Do I need to send formal invitations for my engagement party?

Your invitations should match the formality of the venue you are planning. For example, if you are thinking of organising a party on the beach, keep the invitations casual – they can even be sent through email in this case. But if you are considering a cocktail party and formal dinner, it will be better if you send paper invites. You can make your own designs on websites like Canva or Papier, and send them a month in advance. Nevertheless, it could also be a good idea to let your guests know about the party and the date before sending the invites.

Should I expect gifts at my engagement party?

Gifts are not mandatory in engagement parties, but you might still get some on the date as some relatives and friends will still want to give a little something to the happy couple. However, despite it being OK for you to start creating your registry already, refrain from including registry information in the invitation as this wouldn’t be appropriate. You can rely on word of mouth for this, but remember that it will only be a guidance for your guests, who won’t necessarily buy anything from your list.

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