KFC ditches healthier foods because ‘nobody buys them’ | UK News

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KFC said 628 stores in the UK were now up and running

KFC has abandoned its drive to introduce healthier baked chicken products on its menu because nobody wanted to eat them.

A senior executive at the fast food chain revealed the move was a “disaster” and short-lived during a Public Health England conference.

It followed disappointing sales of the Brazer grilled chicken sandwich launched in 2011, its 2012 Rancher sandwich and a pulled chicken product which came out in 2015.

“It didn’t go brilliantly well. We tried and we failed to launch a non-fried product,” said Jenny Packwood, head of brand engagement at KFC UK and Ireland.

“We were unable to sustain sales. They were just not selling.

“It’s no good launching a product which looks good nutritionally but then nobody buys.

“It doesn’t improve the health of the nation and in terms of sustainability it is a disaster.”

She also reportedly said the firm got “a lot of grief” about its healthier, thick-cut chips.

However, its healthy rice box range, containing a single piece of fried chicken and salad, had been more successful.

“It’s giving people a little bit of what they love but wrapping it in something healthier,” she said.

In June, KFC trialled a vegan burger consisting of a Quorn fillet called The Imposter “that the Colonel would be proud of” at restaurants in London, Bristol, Birmingham and the Black Country.

And in July a new vegetarian creation was introduced called the Southern Fritter Stacker.

Neither of the products appear on the menu on the company’s UK website.

However, there is a Veggie Ricebox, described as “light, filling and delicious”.

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